America's Best Places To Retire

So, you're looking for the best places to retire in the U.S.? Retirement is about a lifestyle, not just a safe, comfortable place to live but a place where you can have fun, enjoy social activities...where there is a variety of convenient services for you to enjoy including life long learning and wellness care.

The question of the best place for YOU to retire can really only be answered by YOU! Maybe you love waking up in the morning to the sounds of birds singing and fresh mountain air. Or maybe it's the sand between your toes and the sun setting over the ocean. Or maybe you would like to walk out your back door after breakfast and onto the golf course! It may even be the hustle and bustle of a big city with theaters, museums and restaurants.

The key to finding the best places to retire and enjoying your retirement is to do your research and plan, plan, plan!

Do some retirement planning. Find a good retirement planning calculator if necessary. Take a look at your needs. What are your dreams. Make a list and then do your research.

Planning for your retirement can not be stressed enough.  It could mean the difference between finding the best place for you to retire and enjoying your golden years or finding out that you cannot afford to live out the best years of your life in your perfect retirement spot.  Don't wait until you've reached the age you want to retire and then start your research.  Start early and take your time.  There are so many wonderful places to retire throughout this beautiful country so make sure you've found the place where you will be happy!

Money Magazine examined 30 of the country's largest cities and rated them for low crime rates, rich in cultural amenities, easy access to transportation and great medical facilities. According to Money Magazine, the top 10 cities in America to retire in 2007 are:

    1) Hudson Heights, NY
    5) San Diego, CA - Marina District
    6) San Diego, CA - Liberty Station

    7) Washington, DC - Penn Quarter
    8) Washington, DC - Woodley Park

But, where is the best place for YOU to spend YOUR retirement years?

We'll try to help you find the best places to retire. We'll explore places like the mountains of North Georgia and the golf communities of Scotsdale, Arizona, even the Villages of Central Florida. We'll discuss the pros and the cons so you can make a clear that is right for YOU!

You can choose to search for the best retirement states or the best retirement communities by lifestyle. Whatever is most important to you, we're here to help you find the best places to retire in America!

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